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  Founded in 2014, Wangpai Abrasive R&D Center was awarded the Municipal Coated Abrasive Engineering Research Center (Luohe) in October,2014 and Provincial Coated Abrasive Engineering Research Center (Henan) in December, 2016. The total number of our R&D Center employees accounts 26% of our work force.The team consists of 4 researchers with PHD degree, 4 senior engineers,10 engineers and 38 technicians.Our R&D center focuses on developing and innovating higher grade,quality and customer-focused products.Meanwhile,our R&D center strives to enhance competitiveness of our products, and promote the development and improvement of coated abrasive industry.They persevere in developing industry leading techniques with proprietary intellectual property rights,and improving products quality and performance through technology enhancement and innovation.